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Home Construction Estimator provides detailed written cost assessments of labor, material and other components for all phases of new and old home construction. We will help you save money on your home improvements or your home remodeling. We offer home improvements cost estimates, bathroom remodeling costs, and home repair estimating. We even offer disaster assistance and hurricane damage estimates to help you cost out repairs because of water damage, fire damage and tornadoes.

We provide a written estimate for homeowners, architects, contractors, subcontractors and builders. We are an estimate outsource provider for any size project Nationwide. Prior to writing your estimate our consulting time is free of charge in helping you gather all the information needed to get started.

Our estimate gives you the assistance needed to manage the cost of your building project. We have good working relationships with many customers and contractors and we listen to your needs, we're interested in your success. Home Construction Estimator will help you with a complete estimate to lay the ground work for a successful home or light commercial construction building project. Cost pricing is based on your zip code or largest nearby city. Pricing is updated monthly. All labor and materials are average quality unless otherwise stated.

All of the details for the project are provided by the customer. Home Construction Estimator will write estimates from blueprints or hand sketched drawings. Each professional estimate is written with Xactware software consisting of two elements: quantity survey and expense. The quantity survey is an organized list of the quantities of each type of material that goes into the structure. Quantity surveys are made from the construction plans and specifications. The estimate cost converts quantities into expense for labor, material, and equipment and adds subcontracted items, overhead, contingency, and profit to arrive at the total expense.

It is important to have a scaled floor plan drawing with length, width and floor to ceiling dimensions plus door and window locations, wall offsets and closets for all rooms. This is needed for proper quantity, labor and material costs. More details will provide a true estimate for your project. Your detailed blueprint or scaled floor plan will be used to create a sketch drawing and is generated as a component of the estimate.  If you don't have a set of plans, that's ok we can figure a price with your information.

Home Construction Estimator General Information:

Please provide Home Construction Estimator with any questions or comments for your upcoming residential projects. Our outsource assessments have helped out homeowners and contractors in different parts of the country in the past. If we could be of service to you for writing an estimate please let us know by email on Contact.

Project size and detail determines average price. If we write an Home Construction Estimator estimate for you today and you don’t start construction for one or six months or later with only relatively minor or no changes we can upgrade your existing written scope with today’s pricing with no additional dollars to you. Our construction cost estimating gives you the assistance needed to manage the expenses of your construction project and make sound and accurate judgments based on the comprehensive home remodeling estimate.

After your estimate building costs reports are written and completed, I will email you a copy in PDF format and after payment is cleared by the bank. This could save you some days waiting for someone to write a report for new home construction or a remodeling project. If you have a disaster and you were waiting for your insurance company to write an estimate for hurricane, flood, fire, wind, tornado and roof damage, you could be well on your way to know what your home costs will be to build or rebuild your project. We write estimates that most insurance companies use (Xactimate) for your home replacement costs. Home Construction Estimator will provide you with free consulting time prior to writing your estimate. We don’t sell plans, software or calculators but we do sell detailed written home construction and disaster estimates.

Home Construction Estimator Available Nationwide;

Know a complete construction written home building costs estimate for labor and material before you start your building projects or sign a contract.

  • Estimating & Consulting 
  • Xactimate estimates
  • Architectural Home Plans Estimates
  • Hand Sketched Drawings Estimates
  • Material / Plan Take-Off Estimates
  • New Home construction Estimates
  • Whole House Renovations Estimates
  • Home Repair Estimates
  • Addition Estimates
  • Concrete / Foundations Estimates
  • Roofing and Siding Estimates
  • Foreclosure Estimates
  • Kitchen / Baths Estimates
  • Renovation Estimates
  • Hurricane Estimates
  • Tornado Estimates
  • Insurance Home Replacement Cost
  • Home Owners
  • Architects
  • Contractors Estimator Estimate
  • Developers
  • Property Managers
  • Disaster Reconstruction Estimates
  • Disaster Fire Estimates
  • Water Damage Estimates
  • Light Commercial Estimates
  • Deck / Porch / Patio Estimates
  • Drywall / Plaster / Stucco Estimates
  • Windows / Doors / Trim Estimates
  • Remodeling Estimates
  • Vandalism Estimates
  • Earthquake Damage Estimates

All Information Include:

Material Lists Include:

  • Line item detail
  • Material to be used
  • Quantity
  • Unit price of each item
  • Total price calculation (sq. /linear ft.), Labor
  • Product description
  • Quantity
  • Unit price; i.e. gallon(s)
  • Cubic yard, linear feet, square feet, or pound,
  • Total price of the calculation

Do you live in an area with hurricanes, tornado, wildfires and flooding or other disasters?  Do you have a complete written estimate of your home with pictures in case there was a disaster in your area? Do you know what your building replacements costs are?

Home Construction Estimator provides detailed written cost assessments of labor, material and other components for all phases of new and old home construction.


Do you have or are you prepared with a detailed written estimate of your home? Are you thinking about what it would cost to build new or remodel existing construction projects? Have you had a disaster in your area in the past?

In serving the home building, remodeling and light commercial industry for over 40 years, our customers have relied on our detailed and accurate written estimates in preparing a preliminary cost summary for the entire home project.

Do you need assistance writing a remodeling estimate or home improvements with no plans or drawings or knowing what construction cost is in your area? My construction cost estimates will help you know the costs for any trade to complete your projects in your home before you agree on a contract.

Give us a call on your next project. We can help you get started with your next home improvement projects and any questions you may have. We will provide you with free consulting time prior to writing your estimate.

Complete Outsource Home Construction Estimator Projects Nationwide;

Cost pricing is based on your zip code or largest nearby city.  Pricing is updated monthly in all areas in the USA.  All labor and materials are average quality unless otherwise stated.  All of the details for the project are provided by the customer and guaranteed based on the information supplied to us. We can work with a rough drawing for basic information. Please verify dimensions wall locations on drawings if possible, make changes where needed. 

Let us help you with our written estimates cost and minimize your hiring additional personnel and overhead. We can print your name or company information on each written estimate.

Know the price of each project before you get started.  Each professional estimate is written from your scaled plans or your drawings.   

Thank you in advance for submitting your project description and questions.


Consulting and Estimating Nationwide

Existing project information,  estimate, material.

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